A nationwide search for ideas on disaster preparedness has been launched to ignite ideas that could help alleviate the economic, environmental, and human costs of natural and human-created disasters in the Philippines.

TUKLAS Innovation Labs, a community-centered innovation project, welcomes Filipinos from all walks of life to submit ideas to better prepare communities for disasters, including ideas to address the impacts of disease outbreaks and armed conflict.

TUKLAS will provide each of up to 40 start-ups with up to 1 million pesos worth of seed funding to test and refine their ideas. The idea could be a system or service, or a product or technology.

“TUKLAS is about finding Filipinos, especially the marginalized, who may have found solutions based on experience with disasters, but have no one listening to them”

says Angelo Hernan Melencio, Consortium Manager of TUKLAS.

TUKLAS has also set up innovation labs in four major cities in the Philippines – Baguio City, Quezon City, Tacloban City, and Cotabato City – to support applicants to firm up their ideas and write proposals. The labs will also provide co-working spaces and link applicants with Filipino experts.

“We have designed this call for innovations in a way where even children and youth can join. You can be an innovator, regardless of your age, gender, ethnicity, academic background, or social status”

says Mr. Melencio.

To enter an idea, applicants can sign up online at http://tuklas.ph or contact the nearest innovation lab. The deadline for submissions is on November 30, 2017.

TUKLAS is implemented by a consortium of four NGOs with strong presence in over a thousand communities in the Philippines. These NGOs are Plan International, CARE International, Action Against Hunger, and Citizens’ Disaster Response Center. The project is supported by UK Aid, Start Network, and CDAC Network.