The TUKLAS Mindanao Lab identified and supported 10 innovative ideas towards preparedness both from human-induced and natural disasters:

DisP(oner) Bag: a weather-proof emergency bag that can be used for multiple purposes, such as a floater or tent by I am Making a Difference

Bamboo River Embankment: a bamboo dike embankment to mitigate the impact of frequent flooding and soil erosion by Child Alert Mindanao

Matigam Kaw Iso: Mandaya Children’s Active Participation: an innovation on encouraging participation of children from hazard-prone, indigenous people communities in disaster risk management through a child-to-child approach by Mindanao Inter-Faith and Services Foundation, Inc.

Popularizing Indigenous Early Warning Systems: a system of documenting and popularizing indigenous knowledge on early warning for disaster risk reduction by Success Initiatives, Inc.

Formulating Innovative Resiliency Solutions for the T’bolis of Datal Ligaw

Disaster Risk Resiliency Fund: a community-managed savings program for disaster preparedness activities of coastal communities by Advocate for Social Protection and Innovation for Resilient Ecology

GPINDOT, an offline mobile application for emergency reporting and mapping of vulnerable families by OBXS

Promoting Cultural Innovation for Increased Resilience of Children: a facilitation of peace modules and cultural exchange to support the recovery of children affected by armed conflict by Just Projects Philippines Foundation

Growing Food, Saving Lives: use of urban gardening as an approach to community building and coping with post-disaster trauma among internally displaced persons from Marawi City by Kalimudan Sa Ranao Foundation, Inc.

Early-Warning and Early-Response Mechanisms for Armed Conflict: a community-based mechanism to prevent and mitigate impact of armed-conflict and other human-induced disasters by UNYPAD Ranao, Inc.

Here's a run through of the innovative solutions supported by TUKLAS Mindanao Lab!

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