Are ideas that have already been working still qualified?

Yes, these ideas will fall under the scaling-up category. Meanwhile, ideas that have not yet been tested will fall under piloting.

How do you ensure no piracy of ideas would take place?

The intellectual property (IP) of the ideas, services, or technology belongs to the applicants. There is a form that will be submitted as part of the application to ensure this. Winning teams will also receive training in IP and other important services.

Is there a maximum number of members if we are a team?

Yes, a maximum of five persons. At least one member must come from the beneficiary/target community where the project will be implemented.

I have an idea but I do not know how to write a proposal. How can I join?

Each regional innovation lab has experts to help you conceptualize your idea and write your proposal. We can help you complete your proposal.

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The top 40 start-ups will receive up to


in seed funding, support in proposal writing, free co-working spaces, mentorship, networking, and linking to experts.

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